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Video Production


RH-Studio collaborated closely with Monx, a reputable global accounting firm, to produce a series of 20+ explanatory videos in a single day. Utilizing our state-of-the-art in-house media studio, our dedicated staff lent their expertise not only in shooting but also in coaching the presenters. With the goal of elucidating complex regulatory and compliance topics for regions including Hong Kong and Singapore, we aimed for clarity and precision. Leveraging our teleprompter, we ensured that the presenters communicated in impeccable English, breaking down intricate subjects with ease and confidence.


The results were nothing short of impressive. All 20 videos, produced and edited by RH-Studio, showcased the pinnacle of audio and visual quality. Monx was equipped with clear, concise, and professionally produced materials to demystify challenging regulatory and compliance topics for their global audience. This collaboration underscored RH-Studio’s commitment to delivering top-tier media solutions, ensuring that content not only resonates but also elevates our client’s brand and message.


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