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Les Cleias approached us with the goal of expanding their business into a new market by creating a new website for their B2C customers. Our goal was to analyze their existing website and identify areas for improvement, then propose a new template that would meet their expectations for layout, filters, and product organization.

The website was built on the Shopify platform, and we worked closely with Les Cleias to ensure that the template met their brand identity. We customized the product display and arrangement to present a clear hierarchy of categories and made sure that the website was visually appealing and user-friendly.

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The website was launched in July 2022 to meet the summer demand, and after the launch, we provided training for the Les Cleias team on how to use the website’s admin panel.

The new website was visually appealing, easy to navigate, and provided a clear hierarchy of categories, making it easy for customers to find what they were looking for.

In addition to the launch, our training for the Les Cleias team helped them to effectively manage their website and make any necessary updates or changes. Overall, the website helped Les Cleias to successfully expand their business into a new market and reach more customers with their accessible jewelry designs.


For the last year, I’ve had a terrific working relationship with RH-Studio and have collaborated with them on quite a few marketing projects for small business owners.

The crew is hard-working, sometimes working late into the night to always deliver on time. I found them to be very flexible and adaptable when unforeseen situations occur.
Most valuable experience is their outstanding project communications and reliability, no matter the nature or the scale of the project.

★ They’re my first choice and go-to for anything website or digital marketing-related ★

Coralie Bekaert, Project Manager


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