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ECommerce, Web Design


RH-Studio partnered with Jaye Bird Golf, a renowned women’s golf fashion brand, to rejuvenate their online presence. Recognizing areas of potential growth, our focus encompassed a comprehensive website overhaul. Key initiatives included a meticulous redesign of underperforming pages and the introduction of features aimed at amplifying user engagement and conversion. Furthermore, understanding the brand’s market positioning, we envisioned and executed a specialized wholesaler section, tailored to streamline bulk purchases while integrating flexible Net30 payment options for their valued partners.


Post-revamp, Jaye Bird Golf’s website has transformed into an efficient and visually appealing platform. The rejuvenated pages now record enhanced user interaction, with a significant surge in the subscriber rate, a testament to our design and development strategies. The crowning achievement, however, lies in the wholesaler section. The facilitated bulk purchasing process, complemented by the introduction of Net30 payment terms, has been warmly welcomed, fostering stronger ties with wholesalers and augmenting sales. RH-Studio’s endeavors have truly elevated Jaye Bird Golf’s digital experience, solidifying their position as leaders in the women’s golf fashion sphere.


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