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Teaming up with the budding startup, Gearhead, RH-Studio embarked on an exhilarating project aimed at crafting a unique identity for their business, specializing in Roof Racks & Cargo Carriers. Understanding the essence of Gearhead’s offerings, we concentrated on creating a crisp and memorable logo. Complementing the brand’s essence, we seamlessly incorporated their product photography into a structured Shopify template, laying the foundation for a digital storefront primed for the Hong Kong market.


RH-Studio’s expertise transformed Gearhead’s vision into a tangible reality. The minimalist yet striking logo resonated immediately with their target audience, becoming a symbol of quality and reliability. Coupled with a user-friendly Shopify interface, the brand effortlessly facilitated transactions and expanded its reach. As a direct outcome of our collaboration, Gearhead successfully initiated their shipments of car accessories into Hong Kong, receiving commendable traction and feedback. This marked a promising start, solidifying Gearhead’s position in the automobile accessory sector.


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