Are We Functioning Highly?

Discussions About Visible and Invisible Illnesses


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RH Studios had the privilege of collaborating with hosts Mui Thomas and Vita Hendeson-chan for their video podcast “Are We Functioning Highly.” The video podcast features discussions on living with visible and invisible illnesses and offers valuable insights into the daily realities, coping strategies, and resilience required to navigate life with these conditions. RH Studios provided the in-house recording studio to film the video podcast, equipped with the latest technology and experienced creative talent to ensure that the audio and visual experience is of the highest quality.


With RH Studios’ state-of-the-art recording studio, Mui and Vita’s captivating discussion was filmed with stunning visual and audio quality. The video podcast’s engaging and informative content is elevated by the professional production quality, providing a polished and engaging viewing experience for the audience.  As a result, “Are We Functioning Highly” has been able to reach and engage with a wider audience, promoting awareness and understanding about the experiences of individuals living with visible and invisible illnesses.


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