Video Production

Basic Testimonial

Make a strong first impression with a film in which you can explain your services or anything else you want.

HKD $8,000

Interview Discussion (2 Persons)

Make a video with a friend, whether it’s a fireside chat or a scripted conversation.

HKD $16,000

Business Explainer

With an entertaining film that is sure to attract new customers, you can show off your firm and your narrative.

HKD $32,000


We gain information on your idea and vision for the video.


We create a storyboard to help you visualise how the video will be created.


We shoot and edit your video, making sure to work within your requirements.


We review and refine the video to ensure you receive the finest and most polished outcome.

Our Video Strategy

We understand that videos are a great SEO enhancement and effective content medium. We can help your business maximise the impact of your videos by improving their visibility on various search engines, such as Google.

Creative Ideas and Expertise

Our experts use your vision to craft a distinct and unique story. We combine this narrative with creative ideas, marketing knowledge, and strong psychological drivers to engage, motivate, and inspire your target audience to take action.

Timely Delivery

We subscribe to transparent and effective delivery times so you remain involved in the delivery process and can trust that your video is in good hands.

Attention To Detail

We embrace the importance of attention to detail by ensuring your videos are given the time and consideration they deserve to achieve perfection.

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