TTP Consulting.


Project Brief

  • A WordPress website built from scratch.

  • TTP Consulting was looking for a more user-friendly and streamline website that could rival their larger competitors.

  • TTP's previous website, built 8 years ago, suffered from several flaws. These flaws included website navigation difficulties, a job postings section which lacked structure and an outdated, email-based CV submission system.


Design Process

  • We began the project by comparing websites with a similar style to create an initial reference for our work. With this early concept, we could create minimal front page designs.

  • Next, we did extensive research on service design, and mapped out user journey and behaviour with the client to ensure the design was in line with the client’s vision.

  • Once the research was completed, we started off by creating four options for the home page, along with a mood board to fully understand what the client wanted.

  • Once the home page and colour scheme was finalised, the rest of the design was modelled in a simple and elegant fashion to maximise user experience. Additionally, the job postings were listed in an easy to navigate and non-complex manner.

  • Lastly, we added a direct channel so users could send their CV's in directly to each job listing.


Why we enjoyed doing this project

We enjoyed working with a client that was just as passionate about making a beautiful and unique website as we were! We believe good collaboration is the key to making a project work!



If you’re looking to give your existing website a fresh new look, or for someone to translate your website idea into a reality, I highly recommend you to reach out to Tom and Christopher at RH Studio. They operate in a personable but highly professional manner. They were extremely responsive and supportive throughout the whole process, which can be quite daunting for non-techy people like ourselves. Thanks again team, we love our new website!

Abi Tannis, Founder of TTP Consulting