Three Peaks Media


Project Brief

  • A WordPress website built from scratch.

  • The client wanted to refocus his business primarily on providing headshots in Hong Kong as this was a growing market in a post-pandemic world.

  • The website would serve as his portfolio while at the same time host an integrated booking system for anyone looking to make an appointment with him.

Design Process

  • The project began in November 2020. We first looked at key websites from influential photographers worldwide.

  • We settled on a minimal design with site navigation located on the left. While the website appeared simple, it included exciting features like a revolving homepage display and custom gallery layouts.

  • The rates page was given special attention, allowing users to interact with the website by selecting the location, number of people (+ other information) to receive a real time quotation.

  • Furthermore, users could choose to directly book headshot sessions with Three Peaks Media, as the Calendly system integrates directly with Google Calendar and Simplybook by using Zapier.

Why we enjoyed doing this project

We enjoyed building an integrated booking system into the design of the website to reduce admin time for Three Peaks Media. It also provides a more seamless experience for clients trying to book headshots.