Sun Seekers Lifestyle


Project Brief

  • To create a Shopify website to sell the company’s upcoming products.

  • The client gave us a very open brief; we were to design a new e-commerce store for them from scratch and propose a logo / branding strategy for their business.

Design Process

  • We started off by creating multiple logo designs and figuring out a color scheme for the client that went well with the product.

  • Once the logo was finalised, we started our research on service design, and mapped out user journey and behaviour with the client to ensure the design was in line with the client’s vision.

  • Once the research was completed, we created four options for the home page, along with a mood board to fully understand what the client wanted.

  • Once we’d finalized the home page, the rest of the design was modelled to be sleek and elegant to maximise user experience. The easy manner of navigation helped ensure products were clearly visible and the website was user-friendly.

  • We built the theme from scratch so the design would stand out amongst competitors.

  • We went on to do further graphic design projects for the company, including designs for containers and clothing boxes.

Why we enjoyed doing this project

We don't often have the chance to work on a brand from its beginning stages. We thoroughly enjoyed the journey from initial logo conception to a fully realised website.