In today’s digital world, branding is more important than ever. Your online persona can make or break your business, so it’s essential to put your best foot forward. That’s where RH-Studio comes in. We are a Hong Kong branding agency that helps companies of all sizes redefine their online presence with experiential marketing.

We’ll work with you to understand your goals and develop a brand strategy that will help you achieve them. Whether you’re looking to increase brand awareness or boost sales, we can help you get results.

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Our creative agency has done brand management for a variety of clients that you will find interesting and powerful. Check out the brands that we have helped build.

From addressing technical glitches to unveiling a modern design, RH-Studio reimagined The Wine Guild’s online presence. Experience enhanced speed, captivating…

RH-Studio transformed Gearhead’s brand with a standout logo and Shopify integration, driving quality and reliability. Dive into Gearhead’s surge in…

RH-Studio transforms NovoIT’s online presence, merging Apple-inspired aesthetics with innovative Angolan payment solutions and WhatsApp outreach. Experience unmatched design and…

RH-Studio was tasked with rebranding Lux Creative and creating a new website that would reflect the company’s vision of revolutionizing…

RH-Studio was tasked with designing a new WordPress website for SB-Consulting. The main focus was on improved SEO and the…


Brand management is crucial to have a serious plan to grow any company. Our branding agency assists with the development of your key ideas and concepts that will shape your business for years to come.


Brand Review

We get to know the company inside and out. We learn about their history, their mission, and their target audience.


Initial Concepts

Armed with our research, we start to develop concepts for the company’s new brand strategy.



Once we have a few solid concepts, we present them to the company and get feedback.



We refine the brand guidelines until we have a final product that the company is happy with.

Our Pricing for Branding

At RH-Studio, we understand that branding is essential for any business looking to succeed in the digital age. We offer affordable branding packages that are designed to suit the needs of any client.

Logo / Animation

Our team of experienced designers will work with you to create a custom logo or logo animation that represents your brand’s values and personality.

HKD $5,000

Presentation Design

We offer presentation design services for pitch decks, pricing guides, and other marketing collateral.

HKD $7,500

Corporate Identity

This service entails a complete redesign of a company’s graphic elements and social media designs.

HKD $25,000

Establish a Unique and Memorable Brand Identity

Establishing a strong and memorable brand identity is crucial for any business. At RH-Studio, we understand the importance of having a brand that accurately represents your values and personality. That’s why we offer a range of branding services to help you create a unique and professional identity that resonates with your audience. Whether you need a custom logo design, professional presentation design, or assistance in establishing a consistent brand identity across all platforms, we’re here to help.

Logo Design

Our logo design service is tailored to create a unique and custom logo that captures the essence of your brand’s values and personality. Our experienced designers will work with you to ensure that your logo perfectly represents your brand. We provide several design options to choose from, and if you want an animated version of your logo for use in vodcasts or live streams, we can provide this for an additional fee.


Presentation Design

Our presentation design service offers professional and visually appealing pitch decks, pricing guides, and other marketing collateral. Our designers will work with you to create a presentation that is tailored to your specific needs and effectively communicates your message.

Brand Identity

Our Brand Identity service helps you establish a consistent and professional visual identity for your brand. We create corporate stationary such as business cards, letterheads, envelopes, and other branded materials that reflect your brand’s personality and values. We also offer assistance in setting up your YouTube account with a custom banner and profile picture that represents your brand.


What Our Clients Say

We value feedback from our clients, as it helps us to improve our business and better meet their needs. Below is a selection of recent reviews from our clients.
Queenie MoQueenie Mo
03:16 18 May 22
Tom from RH-Studio has executed in a super timely manner, within 2 business days Tom has supported, designed, launched/live my company website in total priority and last minute urgency. Tom is highly skilled in fast execution, providing transparent guidance and costs effective methods to support SME’s.Tom has also worked with me on other projects ranging from professional photo taking, to multiple websites, to advisory on what makes a landing page slow vs fast and different styles.I am impressed with Tom’s timeline to execute, his understanding of the projects and his execution towards each project we worked on. Tom would asks smart questions that requires the project owner to be specific, this would lead Tom to deliver to meeting the requirements within reasonable manner.read more
Coralie BekaertCoralie Bekaert
09:46 16 May 22
For the last year, I’ve had a terrific working relationship with RH-Studio and have collaborated with them on quite a few marketing projects for small business owners.The crew is hard-working, sometimes working late into the night to always deliver on time. I found them to be very flexible and adaptable when unforeseen situations occur.Most valuable experience is their outstanding project communications and reliability, no matter the nature or the scale of the project.★ They’re my first choice and go-to for anything website or digital marketing-related ★read more
Col SimCol Sim
05:25 05 May 22
RH-Studio helped tremendously with redesigning my photography website into something modern. Thanks to them, I can showcase my photos to the world through a seamlessly designed site that feels characteristic of my work. They were readily available when handling my queries and showed genuine care and concern for my company’s welfare.After redesigning my photography site, they helped me to revamp the e-commerce section to become more attractive to prospective and existing customers.I’ve also collaborated with RH-Studio on several photography projects, and we’ve since built a good relationship.read more
We have been using RH-Studio to record green-screen videos at their conveniently located studio in Central. There studio is the perfect size and has everything you may need.The team are very committed to quality, listening closely to our requirements and preparing a detailed studio setup in advance to suit our needs. Despite our request being rather tricky (exercising on green screen), they have gone above and beyond to make sure it works and the footage is to our exact liking.The content is packaged conveniently and is consistently delivered on-time. If you need green screen production, I highly recommend them!read more
RH-Studio did a great job with my outdoor fitness promo video next to Central Harbour, Hong Kong.They brought lot of camera and lighting equipment, and even helped me to carry my fitness equipment and weights to and from the location.They sent many team members to help film from many locations and angles, including great BTS footage.I am very grateful for their help, and I recommend them for any fitness videos you would like to make !read more

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