Project Brief

  • To design a new WordPress website from scratch.

  • The client had an existing website, but it was restricted in its SEO to just LinkedIn Training, the client wanted to branch out to more keywords.

  • Additionally, the client had produced a series of online course videos to improve SEO and drive sales for their courses. These would need to be included in the final design.

  • Lastly the client wanted to allow users to sign up for upcoming webinars on the website.

Design Process

  • We started by creating a site map to ensure that each page would be associated with a particular keyword, and we began gathering the content required. Pages for different countries were also added at this stage.

  • Next, we accurately planned out the user journey and behaviours to ensure that each feature would be properly represented.

  • We did research into competitors' websites to ensure we included key pieces of information / content on the website.

  • We also researched platforms that sell online courses to ensure we maximised the ease at which users could login and go through courses.

  • Once the research was completed, we started off by creating four options for the home page, along with a mood board to fully understand what the client wanted.

  • Once the home page was finalised, the rest of the design was modelled to be simple and elegant to maximise user experience and ensure that the information on the website was simple and easy to comprehend.

Why we enjoyed doing this project

The website was a complex project that involved a lot of co-ordination with the client to ensure that the final project hit all the original goals and aims. We enjoyed the challenge!