Calculate the cost of your guest appearance on RH-Vodcast

t RH-Vodcast, we offer an opportunity for experts and professionals to share their insights and knowledge with our audience. We know that everyone’s needs and budgets are unique, which is why we’ve created a pricing calculator to help you determine the cost of your guest appearance on our vodcast.

Simply input your information, including the number of social media clips, and any additional services you may require, and we’ll give you an estimated cost for your appearance. It’s that simple! Plus, if you have any questions or need further clarification, our team is always here to help.


Video Specifications

Full Episode

MP4 format, Rectangular 16:9 Ratio: Optimized for YouTube posts, Website posts

Short Extracts

Client to specify the desired mix of video aspect ratios for a maximum of ten short extract clips per episode (select below) in MP4 format:

  • Rectangular 16:9 Ratio: Optimized for YouTube posts, – LinkedIn posts, Website posts (recommended)
  • Square Ratio 1:1: Optimized for Facebook post / IG post
  • Vertical Ratio 9:16: IG reel, IG story, TikTok post, YouTube shorts

Minimum Output Quality

  • Full episode: 1080p, >30 FPS
  • Short extracts: 720p

Audio Specifications

Minimum Output Quality

  • Full Episode: 4400 KHz audio quality
  • Format: MP3 file + WAV file (as per Client’s request for RAW data)


Lead Time

  • 4 working days inclusive until delivery/upload of all content, starting from first working day after shoot day


Deposit per Episode

  • 50% of the sum of the ‘Total Amount’, with proof of payment to be provided before the day of recording.


Episode Cancellation/Rescheduling

  • Rescheduling is permissible without financial penalty >24 hours before scheduled recording date
  • HKD 1,000 admin fee for cancellation within 24 hours of scheduled shooting time


In-Studio Vodcast Recording

  • In-Studio: Max 3 speakers (Host or Guests). No in-studio audience members are permitted unless agreed in writing in advance of recording


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