Referral Program

Earn rewards by referring new business to RH-Studio

We value our clients and want to reward them for helping us grow our business

Introducing our customer referral program – an exciting opportunity for our existing clients to earn rewards for referring new business to us. Here’s how it works:


Refer a new client to us. You can refer a friend, colleague, or anyone who needs our services.


The new client contacts us and mentions your name as the referrer.


We complete the first project with the new client or they sign up for a membership.


You earn a 10% commission fee on the first project that we do with the new client or 50% of the first month of their membership.

Our referral program
is a win-win situation

You earn rewards for bringing in new business, and we get to expand our network and reach new clients. Plus, the new client gets to work with a trusted agency that comes highly recommended.

At RH-Studio, we believe that our existing clients are our best ambassadors. We value your support and want to thank you for helping us grow. So start referring today and earn rewards for every new client you bring in. Contact us to learn more about our referral program and how you can participate.

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