Project Brief

  • A mobile application that can help restaurants and other F&B outlets to start tracking and managing their waste effectively.

  • The application should also aim to be a connection tool between clients and recyclers, to encourage economies of scale to reduce the price of waste disposal.

  • There should be a heavy element of education to ensure that all users (clients and recyclers) are educated on the latest regulations and advice from both Hong Kong and abroad.

  • Lastly, the application needed to be easily usable by people with minimal technical knowledge to ensure easy adoption into the market.

Design Process

  • The project began in April 2021, when we started by researching various similar applications on the market and identifying their potential pitfalls.

  • Next, we built up a complete user journey throughout the application and narrowed down the specifications into how different functions and features would work.

  • We built a mock-up of the web application design which we tested with different local F&B users to ensure it worked to maximum effectiveness.

  • The project in still ongoing, as we’re now pitching the project to potential investors and stakeholders.

Why we enjoyed doing this project

We are passionate about sustainability here at RH-Studio and we strive to use our technical prowess to assist in creating solutions that help combat climate change. We are proud that this solution both aids and inspires Hong Kong to start looking at their waste seriously.