Podcast Production

While we concentrate on your pre and post-production needs, you can
concentrate on business strategy and creating new and fantastic
content for your podcast.
Audio Production

We will create the ultimate audio experience for your listeners in a high-quality recording studio.

HKD $1,500 / Hour

Audio Editing

This service cleans up and manages the audio in your recording before you upload it.

HKD $400 / Hour


We'll help solidify your idea by building upon your initial vision.


We will tidy and finalise your script to ensure you are ready for recording.


We'll record your podcast with professional equipment and audio software.


We'll review and edit your podcast to create a polished episode you can be proud of.

Professional Engineers

Our team of audio engineers will handle your podcast audio with extreme care. Collectively, our agency brings you that crisp and clear studio-quality sound.

The Latest Tech Stack

Our team integrates forward-thinking analog and digital technologies for the best combination of quality and efficiency. Drawing from a wide range of software, outboard gear, sounds, and monitoring systems, we can take your audio one step further.


We understand the importance of ensuring your podcast stays true to your voice and thoughts, which is why we only help you refine your content and not alter it in any way.

High Engagement

Since we also offer services in SEO and branding, we can guide you further in terms of how to target the right audience for your podcast and gain increased engagement.

Contact Us

With so many kinds of podcast production and editing services, it is easy to get overwhelmed. Our podcast production services save you valuable time and give you peace of mind while taking care of your podcast's technical aspects and facets. RH Studio is here to fulfil all your needs! Get in touch now to discuss your project requirements.