Pets On Tapp


Project Brief

  • To create a WordPress website along with an iOS and android app

  • Pet Educate - an intuitive summary pet health companion which directs users to reliable online sources, Pet Connect - an efficient search tool for pet service providers around Hong Kong ... and lastly an Online Store for PetsOnTapp merchandise.

  • We were to build upon an already existing prototype for their mobile app and enhance but not change the original design.

Design Process

  • We started by working on the pre-existing mobile application wireframe, and after our rigorous testing we modified it accordingly.

  • Simultaneously, we also started working on the website from scratch. For the website, we started our research on service design, and mapped out user journey and behaviour with the client to ensure the design was in line with the client’s vision.

  • Once the research was completed, we created four options for the home page, along with a mood board to fully understand what the client wanted.

  • Once the home page was finalised, the rest of the design was modelled to be simple and elegant to maximise user experience and ensure that the information on the website was simple and easy to comprehend.

  • For the mobile application, we held regular meetings with the client, making changes every now and then to ensure the client gets what they need.

Why we enjoyed doing this project

As pet owners and animal lovers , we related to the need for this type of digital product in the Hong Kong market.

As an information-heavy app, user journeys and experience had to be carefully tested throughout, which provided us with a wealth of experience for future projects.