Jayebird Golf


Project Brief

  • To create a Shopify website for women’s golfing apparel.

  • Our client realised the need for women’s golfing apparel in the market, which led to the creation of Jaybird: a brand which aims to provide women with the style and comfort they need while playing golf.

  • They already had an existing website, it required some urgent updates as they were launching soon.

Design Process

  • Since they already had an existing website, we focused the missing updates that they required.

  • We added a wholesale product page and a chatbot feature to enhance the user experience.

  • It was a two-month long process and that started in February 2021.

Why we enjoyed doing this project

Since we were working on key improvement features, we could dedicate our time on user experience without balancing other aspects such as branding. We enjoyed this chance to work in depth on a small part of the whole.


RH Studio is THE BEST. Thomas has helped me with my website and I've used the studio multiple times to shoot for my brand. They have everything you need (and more!) to have a successful shoot. HIGHLY recommend.

Katie Byrnes, CEO of TTP Consulting