Jason Roses Luxury


Project Brief

  • A WordPress / WooCommerce website built from scratch.

  • Jason wanted an e-commerce website that incorporated his vast range of products, including Bags, Jackets, Singing Bowls and Thangha Artwork.

  • The website should also advertise other available services: Banking Investment, Bodyguard Hire, Real Estate and Yacht Brokerage.

Design Process

  • The brief for the project was diverse, so we started by researching methods of presenting the range of pages together in a coordinated structure.

  • We settled on a custom-built homepage slider that would be an attractive method of engaging users whilst displaying what the website has to offer.

  • After finalising the slider, we designed the rest of the website with a minimal design, as we wanted the focal point to be the products and services instead of the layout.

Why we enjoyed doing this project

We had a fantastic time coming up with a creative solution to the vast number of different avenues this website offered.