How Easy Is It To Start An E-Commerce Store In A Pandemic.

How Easy Is It To Start An E-Commerce Store In A Pandemic

For anyone unaware, an E-Commerce platform is an integrated platform that allows for several products to be sold online and helps to distribute a business’ products around the globe. Think of Amazon, Alibaba and Ebay as examples of successful E-Commerce platforms.

Because of the impact of COVID19, many companies are struggling to engage their customers, but many companies that are surviving are doing so by finding ways to innovate a E-Commerce store into their typical business model. In Hong Kong, many bars and restaurants have increasingly turned to online sales to sustain themselves. But how does one make the transition? We have a few tips below:


#1 Research Similar Online Stores

There are more than 200 million E-Commerce stores currently in existence (that is an E-Commerce store per 35 people on Earth) so there will be plenty of precedents. Choose two or three that you like and use them as the basis for your own store. These companies will have put significant investment into their user experience, something which you can benefit from.

#2 Find A Niche In The Market

Research what is trending in the market, many companies have piggybacked off the success of other companies. What is popular in the market right now, is there any product or service that can support or gain from this industry?


#3 Build The Online Platform

The look and feel of your online platform will be crucial your business being able to generate leads. Whilst nowadays there are plenty of tools to be able to build a website yourself, such as WordPress and Wix, consider looking to hire professional developers. A well built and functioning website is the greatest form of advertising your business could ask for.

#4 Consider A Mobile Application

Most people spend more than two hours a day on their phones and, especially in the younger generations, are increasingly likely to want to make purchases through a mobile application rather than a browser window. Consider who your target audience is and how they are most likely to transact.


#5 Market With The Help Of Experts

Good marketing can come very cheaply and provide a high ROI. Get professionals who know how to maximise time and value to promote your online store to the market. This will help to sell your brand name and provide feedback on the usage of your E-Commerce platform.


The E-Commerce market is only set to grow bigger in the coming years as customers show a preference for the ease of shopping online. If you want to be able to tap into this enormous potential then consider looking to add an online platform to your business. If you want some further advice, feel free to drop us a message for some added tips.

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