Project Brief

  • A Shopify website built from scratch.

  • Gearhead is a brand new start-up looking to sell car accessories (roof racks, cargo boxes... etc) to the Hong Kong market.

  • The website should be able to display the four categories of products that Gearhead wants to sell.

  • Some products cannot be sold directly and the user must request a quote instead.

  • Gearhead wants to include guides on their website for users to view how to install and use their products.

Design Process

  • We started by designing the logo of the company and establishing the colour scheme / branding of the company.

  • Next, we finalised the website's structure and gathered all the required content for the site.

  • Then, we produced the design for the website's homepage. After this was confirmed, the design was expanded to the rest of the website.

  • We helped set up Facebook and Instagram accounts associated with the company. Finally, once the accounts were completed, we launched the Shopify integrated Facebook Shop.

Why we enjoyed doing this project

Building a company design from scratch is always exciting and, we enjoyed following the company from its beginnings to its final launch.