Four Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Mobile Application.

Four Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Mobile Application

Just 30 years ago we would never have imagined the extent to which technology would be able to fit in the palm of our hand. Nowadays mobile phones enable us to be connected to the world 24/7 and they have become integral to how we do business. We use mobile applications to such an extent that they dominate the fields of online shopping, communication and entertainment. So if your company, whether new or old, lacks a mobile application, here are a few key bits of information for why you should be interested in building one.


#1 There Are 14 Billion Mobile Devices Worldwide In 2020

If you want to come up with a new idea and spread it around the world quickly, mobile applications are the way forward. The number of mobile applications is exponentially increasing in the world and is set to reach nearly 18 billion by 2024.

Especially if you are targeting a younger demographic, you will find that your consumers are increasingly more likely to want to transact online rather than traditional B2B buyers.


#2 More Than 80% Of Mobile Minutes Are Spent Using Apps

People love to use applications! Compared to the often-clunky nature of web browsing on phones, apps allow businesses to have greater control of the user experience leading to a more positive outlook.

In today’s digital sphere, whoever can engage clients more often and most frequently will win the most consumers. Hence, a lack of mobile optimization will often be seen as a massive negative in a brand’s favour.


#3 Statistics Show That People Spend More Than Three Hours A Day On Their Mobile Device

This is hardly surprising, nearly every activity we can think of now has a mobile equivalent to cater to the on-going needs of markets, conventions and information.

But whilst the majority of this time is spent on a limited number of applications, it isn’t hard for a user to unlock their phone and scan their device for other applications. Simply by being installed on a user’s mobile, your company is subconsciously being recorded by users as it is pops up.


#4 Mobile Applications Can Still Be Built Cheaply

All mobile applications are not equal but we can give a rough guide to the costs of building an application.

  • A basic application with efficient functionality would cost roughly $5000-$7000USD on development.
  • A medium complexity app costs from $7000-$10000USD on development
  • A complex time-consuming app in most cases exceeds $12000USD on development



A mobile application may not be suitable for every business, but you should give it a good consideration before dismissing the idea. In the age of COVID19 the most successful businesses are those that have learned to adapt and move to an online distribution. An application will help to promote your brand, engage more users and provide statistics on where to go next.

You may believe that because your business is doing fine without a mobile application but understand that building a mobile application is no longer as difficult or complex as it may first appear. It may in fact be the most efficient way of getting your idea out and into the world. So what are you waiting for?



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