Col Sim Photography


Project Brief

  • A WordPress / WooCommerce website built from scratch.

  • Col’s existing website failed to portray his photography cleanly and efficiently. It had hindered the ability to sell his prints. While his imagery was stunning, the unorganised display was a detriment to the website's visual impact.

  • As a professional photographer, Col Sim wanted a website that could portray his talents to the public in the most effective way possible. In addition, he wanted a phenomenal homepage that showcased the range of services he provided.

  • Col wanted a minimal and light design so the focus would be on the photography rather than the layout. He also wanted to improve his SEO.

Design Process

  • The project started in January 2021. We began by looking at award style websites as a basic reference idea to help us create minimal front page designs.

  • Next, we did extensive research on service design, and mapped out user journey and behaviour with the client to ensure the design was in line with the client’s vision.

  • Once the research was complete, we started off by creating four different options for the homepage, along with a mood board to fully understand what the client wanted.

  • Once the homepage and the colour scheme were finalised, the rest of the design was modelled to be simple and elegant to maximise the quality of the user experience. The project was finished in 16 weeks.

  • Since the start of this project, we have continued to maintain the website in its entirety, adding new features for Col whenever he has needs them.

Why we enjoyed doing this project

Thanks to Col's line of work, we were able to choose the right images for the website from a plethora of high-quality content. Since we often have to rely on stock images, this was a refreshing change.