Coast to Coast


Project Brief

  • A new Shopify Website built from a template

  • Coast to Coast imports frozen seafood from Canada and sells it to retailers in Hong Kong. Despite the size of the company operations, much of the sales process took place over WhatsApp. As a result, a website was needed to optimise the business on a grander scale.

  • The website aimed to add a new sales channel to Coast to Coast’s business model, and to improve the brand image of the company.

Design Process

  • The project was part of the Distance Business Programme offered by the Hong Kong government. We assisted Coast to Coast in applying for the funding and aided them through the process.

  • With a relatively open brief, we went about finding existing Shopify themes that matched the client’s expectations. This also helped ensure a speedy and cost-efficient delivery of the project.

  • Once the theme had been confirmed, we transformed the original theme into something distinctive and unique through design changes and custom graphics.

  • The project was created to incorporate Coast to Coast’s existing seafood transportation and help provide seamless integration with current business processes.

Why we enjoyed doing this project

Seafood was a fun basis around which the website was formatted. We had not previously worked on a food-based e-commerce store, so it provided us with a refreshing challenge