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Four Reasons Why Photographers Need A Website

A photographers’ website is meant to either attract clients or demonstrate your photos. But it can easily do both.

The thought of starting a new photography website can be daunting, especially if you do not know much about the process. It is easy for anyone to have an account on Instagram or Flickr, but you may be wondering what the benefits are for a photographer to have his own website. Let us take a quick look at some of the key reasons.


#1 The Internet Was Made For Photographers

Okay, it was not literally made for them, but the internet is a visual medium that runs on beautiful imagery. Photographers naturally have the best images to use, so their websites can clearly stand out from the monotonous crowd of stock footage.

As Instagram has proven, people love to see beautiful pictures. Your website will naturally draw in clients and customers, which gives you an unparalleled opportunity to engage them with your unique story. However, ensure that you only publish your best images as no one wants to wade through over 1000 pictures, no matter how beautiful they are.


#2 Take Charge Of Your Own Portfolio

It is about having the control to define your own style. Whereas many photographers have accounts on Instagram, 500px and SmugMug, these platforms have technical limitations. With your own website, you get to decide which pictures to show in the order and context you wish to show them. There are no links or thumbnails encouraging visitors to go check out a competitor’s work.

Your website may soon be the principal way that you present your portfolio to potential customers. It helps you look professional, allows them to easily promote your photos and reflects your general style straight away. Make sure you research some examples of the best photographers’ websites for inspiration. We can recommend a few.

To capitalize on the amazing qualities of your photography (such as in the above examples), we recommend getting your website designed by a professional. But make sure that you understand the basic technical requirements for your website. You should be able to add and change the website’s content by yourself 90% of the time.


#3 The Marketing Angle

Having your own website becomes one of the greatest marketing tools you can ask for. You might be a portrait photographer in Discovery Bay and a potential client Googles ‘where to get a portrait shot in Discovery Bay. I bet you can see where I am going with this. A professional website allows your brand to be available to prospective clients 24/7.

Clients can get access to all the necessary information such as descriptions, pricing, and services immediately. Done correctly, your website will help to make your operation effective, as you do not want to spend your time on people that do not understand what you do or does not have the budget required.


#4 It Helps You To Branch Out

You do not only need to stick to usual photography services, as a website also helps you to branch out into other areas like selling your stock prints or photos. Though it may take some work to get properly established, setting up a business this way is entirely feasible. Your website can help you create a sustained income by becoming a hub of commercial activity that brings in the revenue you need to make a living.

If you wish to educate people on photography, you can offer in-person tuition or even online courses. Hong Kong is home to a host of eager and keen amateur photographers; your website can be a great way to showcase the capabilities of a tuition course to clients.



A photography website may sound like a lot of work, and in many ways, it absolutely is, but the benefits you will reap are vast. Once your website is up and running, it will be the best form of advertising you can imagine, and you will undoubtedly have a lot of fun crafting your own unique vision and story.

If you are keen to get your own website built, feel free to get in contact with us, and we can help guide you through the whole process or give you a bit of advice on where to go next.