30s Animated Explainer

Create a short animated explanation with a full voiceover and HD for your company.

HKD $18,000

60s Animated Explainer

Create a medium-length animated explanation with a complete voiceover and HD for your company.

HKD $34,000

90s Animated Explainer

Create a lengthier animated explainer with a complete voiceover and HD for your company.

HKD $52,000


Listen to your idea and vision.


Create a storyboard to help you visualise how the animation will be created.


Develop the animation using software like Adobe Animate and Adobe After Effects.


Review and refine to ensure you get the finest outcome for your animation.

Talented Animators

We have exceptionally talented, experienced, innately creative, and qualified animators who can create various kinds of animations.


We perform stringent quality checks and maintain great accuracy levels in order to impress viewers. We also use advanced 2D animations software programs to provide impressive results.

Timely Delivery

Your work will be delivered in a time-effective and minimal-hassle fashion, so you get the most from your purchase.

Attention To Detail

We understand the importance of detail, and so we ensure that your animations are always given the attention they need to deliver perfection.

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