10 Tips to Increase Instagram Followers in 2022.

10 Tips to Increase Instagram Followers in 2022

Instagram has become the foundation for many brands’ social media presence. Not only does it drive profitable traffic towards landing pages, but it also increases conversions and creates an engaging community. As a result, these benefits prompt businesses to increase their followers on the platform.

If your Instagram presence is wilting, it’s time to improve your strategies to start gaining genuine and organic users. The more followers you have, the better your chances for connecting with followers and creating unique experiences.

Bear in mind that there’s no step-by-step guide available; however, some guidelines can enable you to reach a wider audience and gain additional followers.

Below are twelve ways to increase your Instagram followers.

Improve Your Instagram Account

Before you search for ways to increase Instagram followers, one of the most important things is ensuring your account is optimised. Treat your company’s Instagram biography like the “homepage” of your website.

Viewers will find your profile dull and uninteresting without bios, picture captions, or a properly designed username or profile picture. On Instagram, your biography and profile image form the basis of your brand’s image.

Since the bio link is the only place to move Instagram visitors to your website, optimising your profile is crucial and the first port of call.

Schedule Instagram Posts in Advance

Although the Instagram algorithm has been adjusted, it still allows people to display content they love and post appropriately to increase their visibility.

Thankfully there are many ways your company can boost your brand’s visibility. For example, you can use the latest tools to schedule content strategically.

When you schedule content in advance, all team members can view schedules and campaigns more effectively. It’s always advisable to plan content ahead of time and use Instagram tools for scheduling. This is the best way to connect with your followers and keep ongoing and consistent content rolling out simultaneously.

Use Keywords to Increase Followers

Before anyone can follow your account, they need to locate your profile. However, this can be an issue as most content on Instagram can’t be searched easily; name and username are two essential fields in the search results and are worth being mindful of.

Utilise your brand’s name or use a variant of it, which people might search for when looking for your company. Your username should serve as the Instagram handle. It’s recommended to use a consistent handle on Instagram and other social media platforms, making it easier for users to locate your profile.

Names can be more individual and must have a minimum of 30 characters. Keyword stuffing isn’t ideal, though it could be beneficial to include the most relevant keywords inside the “name” field to increase your search chances.

Partner with Brand Advocates to Share Your Content

If you’re trying to figure out how to increase your Instagram followers, you need to understand why your following is important. The more your followers’ count increases (albeit organically), the more significant number of potential buyers and customers you’ll attract.

It’s essential to be active on your personal Instagram and other platforms. Often, the best method to encourage followers to join your account is to put yourself out there and show up.

Consider sponsoring content created by users to make your brand visible on your customers’ feeds. You could also organise Instagram contests to promote your brand’s name and reach a larger audience.

Post Regularly to Increase Instagram Followers

To increase followers on Instagram, you can post around four times a week; however, we suggest posting at a minimum once a day. Businesses that establish regularity with Instagram posts will likely gain the most significant outcomes. Brands that post regularly increase Instagram followers more quickly than those that post less frequently.

Through Instagram’s algorithmic timeline, it’s essential to maintain consistency to get your posts noticed. If your posts are shared regularly and receive an impressive number of responses, the algorithm will likely show your content in the top position of your followers’ feeds.

Of course, the quality of content is even more crucial than volume. Make sure you create content that resonates with your audience. Posting more frequently doesn’t automatically result in higher engagement rates, especially if the quality is poor.

Use the Best Editing and Photography Tools

Post quality matters on Instagram. Twitter followers may be willing to overlook some poor and distasteful tweets, but poor photos on Instagram can hurt your follower count and customer engagement.

Thankfully, you don’t need to study or complete photography courses to edit photos effectively. You can successfully entice new followers by posting compelling and vibrant images edited with Photoshop or Lightroom.

Utilise Relevant Hashtags to Increase Instagram Followers

Since the text in your Instagram posts isn’t searchable, you’ll have to rely on appropriate hashtags to appear in searches. Thoughtfully applied hashtags are a clever method to work around search limitations and gain followers.
Incorporating relevant hashtags can aid users in locating your posts by selecting the hashtag from another post or simply searching for it. People who use Instagram may also follow specific hashtags, which means your content could be displayed in the feeds of users who haven’t yet joined your account.
It’s possible to include up to 30 hashtags within your Instagram post; however, it’s generally best to use quality over quantity. Try experimenting to determine the best number and type of hashtags to use for your specific account.

Create a Stunning Instagram Grid to Increase Instagram Followers

This may sound like a redundant feature to discuss, yet it’s an essential factor when increasing followers. Your Instagram grid needs to contain high-quality and visually appealing content.
If a new visitor finds your profile, your content should entice them to learn more. This desire to know more motivates them to click Follow and even persuade them to visit your website outside of Instagram.

Create Compelling, Extended Captions with Strong Writing

While Instagram is an online platform focused on visuals, writing powerful Instagram captions is essential in ensuring you have more engagement and a wider reach. Both aspects are crucial to increasing Instagram followers.
Take advantage of the initial words that will trigger users to tap and learn more. The most important words should be at the beginning of the caption. If it’s longer than 125 characters, users will have to press ‘more’ to view the entire thing, which often requires some convincing through robust and compelling caption introductions.

Find and Engage with Influencers

Find the most influential people in your area of expertise or industry and follow them. Pay attention to the content they share and their comments in response to them. Participate in those discussions and start building a network.
Those who follow and participate with these accounts are likely your intended audience too, and if you respond to their comments and discussions, you can gain new and active followers.


Social media continues to increase in popularity amongst the masses, so businesses of all sizes must use the above strategies to enhance their online presence and increase their Instagram followers. If you have any queries regarding social media marketing, you can comment below in the comment section and begin a discussion.

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